Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Sacred Space of Relationship

Linda said...
You say, "in the sacred space, anyone who understands can become your twin..." Please explain what is meant by "sacred space."

Hi Linda: When I refer to “sacred space” I am referring to the conditions that people allow for relationships to flourish. To achieve this, the people involved need to create the space for themselves that includes complete honesty, appreciation and (psychological) safety for one another. This space allows for self exploration and connection with spirit. It can only occur when each person is first able to witness themselves and maintain an internal balance that allows them to experience without “charge” or judgment of positive or negative.

This means that before we are ready for a sacred relationship, we each have to have done the internal work necessary to allow the sacred space. A good understanding of anger and how to effectively process it is essential. An understanding of our shadow aspect is necessary, that part of us that holds the unrecognized fear, and projects a victim – villain - hero triad or good and evil dynamic into relationship. It is also important to have an understanding of golden shadow, and how an over involvement with the beautiful parts of ourselves can interfere with the appreciation or psychological safety of another. It is widely thought that once we have “readied” ourselves, we have cleared the way for twin flame and soul mate relationships to enter our lives.

Having sacred relationships does not mean that problems or crisis will not enter our lives. As long as we are alive we are drawn to all levels of the mirror experience, even what we judge in the moment and the dark night of the soul. But the sacred space in relationship provides the foundation for our experience to be clearly realized. We must make sure that our partners are provided honesty, appreciation and safety at all times and that includes not assigning blame for deconstructing circumstances or emerging shadow. If we can provide our loved ones with the room to explore all aspects of themselves and appreciate who they are and who they are becoming, they can do the same for us.

Once we have learned to create a sacred space for relationship, it becomes easier to walk away from relationships incapable of providing it. It becomes the kindest thing to do because it establishes the model for all relationships to follow. You will be surprised at how many people can rise to the understanding, if given the time and sacred space.

The characters in my book, Chasing Twilight, are discovering how to create this sacred space. Thanks for asking. Molly Brogan

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Symbols as the Language of the Soul

Dorothea said...
Without a Word is quite a play. It isn't easy to imagine the audience reception to it in the 70's. How did you work the dream chorus? I can think of many ways that it can be done because the book form leaves it open to interpretation.
This is a great question, Dorothea. Thanks for posting it. When writing the Dream chorus (a cluster of voices in echo) for Without a Word, I used the motif symbols from the play such as: night, day, sunset, window… The character Dream uses these as symbols and recreates interpretations that are not limited to linear or rational structures, just as our own dreams do for us during sleep. Ernest Hemmingway is the master of using motif symbols. He gradually defines character development throughout a story with motif, and then constructs sentences at the end of the story using these motifs that will decode for the reader, the characters’ triumph or tragedy. Motifs carry the reader along on the subconscious level and complete the story’s imagery.

I originally wrote the Dream character for Without a Word, as a chorus, with each voice expressing a different motif. This concept is obviously very complicated and while I could hear it in my head very clearly, I was never able to direct well enough to pull it off. Both of my productions of Without a Word had one person as Dream. In the Chicago production we combined the Dream and Light characters to accentuate the integration of the Word character.

I hope that the play is flexible enough to be staged any variety of ways, just as each one of us has individual characteristics of word, dream, shadow, mirror and light that make up our characters. I hope that any director could adapt the play to express their own voice, or the voice of their theatrical group. Molly Brogan

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Realm of Possibility and a Blaze of Light

Anonymous said...
I've read your book of poems several times. You talk about "possibility" as if it was a place to go. Can you please talk about what this means to you? I'm not getting it.

Thank you for posting this intriguing question. Most of us have some idea of the meaning of the word “possibility,” Merriam Webster defines it as: 1 : the character, condition, or fact of being possible whether theoretically, in general, or under a specified set of conditions 2 : something that is possible : CONTINGENCY : a particular thing that may take place, eventuate, or be manipulated to some end 3 archaic : one's utmost power, capacity, or ability especially as determined by circumstances
Wikipedia defines it as: Possibility comprises that which can happen, such as what one can achieve. The Latin origins of the word hint at ability. Possibility is also referring to something that "could happen", that is not precluded by the facts, but usually not probable.

These definitions are commonly known and we refer to them. But when I think of the realm of possibility, I think of something more. I am thinking of becoming conscious of the eternal spiritual life that encompasses all time and no time and allows us, always, to become more than we are. I am thinking of transcendental possibility.

Today’s scientists are entertaining the notion of an electric universe, where plasma (earlier known as ether) permeates space and holds life. It is there that the idea of a holographic universe comes into play. It is through our etheric bodies that we bring spirit to life.

To answer your question, in these terms, possibility is not a place “to go” but more like an energy to recognize and allow. I have included a pretty good u-tube video about the idea of a holographic universe at the end of this post. Please feel free to continue the dialogue if this does not directly answer your question.
Many thanks. Molly Brogan