Monday, December 27, 2010

A Welcome for the New Year

The Call

I stand ready
To embrace
The challenge.

I stand firm
In the truth
Of my soul.

I stand tall
As my heart
Races forward
At unimagined speeds,
Following spirit
Following the call.

I look upward
For a vision
Of my soul’s longing.
I see possibility
So sublime
That is whisks
Me away.

I fill quickly
With emptiness
And wait for you,
Quietly wait,
And wonder
What is real
In the waiting.

Excerpted from A Blaze of Light by Molly Brogan
Artwork by  Alejandro Silveira Bruno.  Many thanks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Color the World With Generosity of Spirit

Have you ever had a day when you felt completely in love with life, when you could see and feel spirit all around you, in everything and everyone?  When you feel like this, you are generous of spirit.
Generosity of spirit can also be accomplished with thought.  One of Neville Goddard's sayings is "Think of something wonderful for yourself and another."  If our thoughts create our reality, then being generous in our thoughts will bring a generosity of spirit into our life that translates into peace and joy.
Giving our loved ones the space and love they need to work out their difficulties without agency or intervention can be generosity of spirit.  Often, if we see someone struggling, we feel compelled to do something for them, fix things, or give our opinion or words of wisdom.  Almost just as often, this makes things worse. 
There are those times when we can be helpful.  Usually if someone needs our help they will ask for it.  It sometimes isn’t easy to stand by and watch someone struggle.  But sometimes – our generosity of spirit is all that is needed for others to feel loved and supported.  Knowing that someone is in our lives that we can ask for help when necessary, who loves us enough to allow us to try and fail and try again – empowers us to continue to try.
If you can look out at everyone, and see them as becoming, remembering their highest potential and, in spite of their apparent mistakes and foibles, as doing the best they can in grace with their state of mind and stage of life - then you truly do have generosity of spirit.
At times, the world can be a big, unfriendly, cold place to live, full of darkness and shadow.  Relating to others with respect and kindness is to be generous of spirit.  Encouraging others around us to shine is a gift that we all can offer each other.  In fact, when we extend this gift to others, we extend it to all of life. When we remember that it is more important to extend love than to be number one or front and center, we express our generosity of spirit.

All material copyrighted 2010: excerpt, All About Living, Molly Brogan

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Glimpse at My Upcoming "Early Poems"

If Love Is
If love is, then,
A meeting
And a meaning,
Just one meaning,
One shared meaning,
Then listen gently
To the sound
Of its tender sigh,
Its soothing,
Wind sung note.

Do not look for words,
But the low
Plaintful moan
Of lovers’
Sweet release.

Drink it as I do
With no thought
Or after.

Nip the cool
Of hushed
Wet gasps
That echo
When lips meet
And mean
The warmth,
The oneness,
The fusion.

Excerpt from unpublished Early Poems
Artwork by Moira Marshall.  Many thanks. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Will Is and Is Not

I think the notion of free will is simple. God is the realm of infinite possibility. We choose possibility (free will) to create our individual experience. At some point in the journey, the two are integrated - the one and the many. Some people argue that free will is not the same as choice.

I think that all possibility is the realm of God, and we choose possibility, according to our viewpoint in the moment. Yet, if we are coexisting in an infinite number of possible realms, we are, in the same moment, living all different possibilities, each from a different viewpoint. As space time opens and all possibility is reached, each one limited viewpoint is simultaneously one in the all possibility. Everything you can imagine, you are. As you are experiencing yourself in separation from others, you are choosing, with free will, which possibility to include in your viewpoint to shape your experience. You can change by choosing again. As long as you are separate and limited, the choice remains. There is a state of being where all possibility and all viewpoints are realized. Here, the choice is all of everything. This is the God within us.

We cannot change what is, which is everything possible. But we choose our state of consciousness, our viewpoint, and in this, exercise our free will. By doing this, we change our experience of who we are and live our potentiality of all that is. This is how we, as some say, co create. We do by making the possible real. We don’t really change what is possible, we change our experience by changing our viewpoint, and that changes what is possible within our experience.

We generate meaningful connections in our experience of consciousness, not the intellectual speculation of consciousness. States like cosmic consciousness (experience of all time and all others and all that is) can and are experienced in sleep and deep meditation or contemplation. Also, the undifferentiated, ineffable, omniscient, realm of all possibility can be experienced in sleep or deep meditation and contemplation. Once accessed, these states are in our awareness like a background programs, running though all our experience. Like this, they become a part of our complete experience. We all have the potentiality for this. We recognize and then experience when a change in viewpoint allows the possibility to manifest as real in our experience. Intellectual speculation may lead us to a change in viewpoint, or it may not. Our viewpoint manifests the experience. Our free will allows our choice.

All material copyrighted 2010: excerpt, All About Living, Molly Brogan
 Artwork by Beth Nash.  Many thanks.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Tribute

All I know of angels
I can see in your eyes.
The deep blue of heaven
Moves me like the sea.
Lifts me up with wings
Of unending possibility,
Into the depths of my soul.

Your love guides and protects me
Like a steadfast guardian,
Sentry at the threshold of my fear,
Banishing all potential harm
Allowing light and love to fill me,
Your golden glow surrounds me
Like a pocket of tender safety.

Your hands reach out to me
And reveal your sacred gift,
So simple and so elegant,
Merely all that I AM
And all that I can be,
Because you love me enough
To let your eyes lead the way.

And so my humble heart opens
And reaches for you in kind,
With an overwhelming desire
To move you completely,
To move you with me in tones,
In the rhythm that is ours
And ours alone.

Within that glorious rhythm
We connect to all creation,
Your angel wings enfold me,
Your gentle spirit infolds me,
And we become the divine creator
And all that is our good experience,
In truth, in love, in faith, through you.

--  Molly Brogan

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Soothing Power of the Spoken Word

I was honored to be told by my friend Dr. Brenda Carson, that she reads poetry to her mother, Mardine Carson, from my book A Blaze of Light.  Dr. Carson owns an Alternative Health and Wellness Clinic in Detroit, MI, and reads to her mother regularly to facilitate her speedy recovery.

Mardine Carson is 87 years old, and began writing poetry in her 60s.  She has always been a home-body, and very involved with family, friends and church.  Dr. Carson tells me that she knows her mother is enjoying the poetry as she reads it to her by the serene smile on her face.

As a writer, I think there is no greater honor than to hear a story like this.  Thank you both, Brenda and Mardine, for sharing it.  Good health and God bless you both.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Forgiving or Giving For Love

 There seem to be many faces to the process of “forgiveness” being worn these days. Many books, lectures and workshops are available to help us contemplate and adopt forgiving behaviors. We are all taught as children that forgiveness of friends and family is an important part of social life.
The poet William Blake tells us: "In heaven, the only art of living is forgetting and forgiving."  This leads us to the notion that forgiveness is key to finding heaven on earth.
It can be difficult for us to understand that forgiveness cannot happen when we are focused on the tangibles, on what we feel we have lost, on our injuries.  No matter what has occurred in our experience, what happens is an invitation for greater self awareness.  It is an invitation to understand that by bringing our awareness of the spirit in our experience into focus, we can forgive and create harmony.
To complete the process of true forgiveness, whatever our actions, we must be willing to let go of the memories that create anger and resentment. And we must be willing to hold all others in our heart with love.  The paradox here is that as we learn to live with unconditional forgiveness for ourselves and all others, we no longer experience the conflict that requires forgiveness.
All material copyrighted 2010: excerpt, All About Living, Molly Brogan

Monday, June 14, 2010

All About Living With Our Fears

You need only watch the evening news to see how fear driven humanity has become. So much of what the media presents displays and exacerbates our fears that we have to wonder, how much of our daily individual experience includes fear? Do we need fear? Can we live without it? 
From my experience, I can tell you that the longer I treat fear as a signal to feel my total connection to life, and have faith that what will happen next will be in accordance with my highest potential, the less fear I experience. Things that triggered fear 5 years ago do not now. By not allowing the feeling to become emotion, (feeling becomes emotion by including memories of other fearful experiences or dread of future difficulties,) the fear is quelled. What comes up more and more now instead of fear, is a mild interest, sometimes amusement, but always faith that what is occurring is reflecting to me what I need to recognize in the moment.

It is not possible to find harmony in our lives when it is filled with fear.  Sometimes letting go of fear is as easy as taking a deep breath, and finding our faith or compassion in the moment.  Sometimes it is as difficult as a dark night of the soul, where we face our fear by understanding that what we fear is a part of us, and accepting the divinity of all that we are by letting go of every ”thing” in our experience. 
The emotion of fear needs to be recognized and released, so that we can feel our harmony.   Life with an unattached and fearless viewpoint allows us to live in tune with the infinite.  
All material copyrighted 2010: excerpt, All About Living, Molly Brogan
 Artwork by Rachelle.   Many thanks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Remembering Dr. Peggy Zellner

I had my birthday this year at MIX in Las Vegas, remembering all of the other birthdays in Las Vegas and my friends there.  Among them, was my good friend, Dr. Peggy Zellner, who passed away unexpectedly on my birthday one year ago.  Peggy was an intuitive Naturopath who was very gifted and had a large practice in the valley.  She was also a genius of spirit, and able to speak fluently, the language of the unseen.  Over the years that I spent in Las Vegas, I watched her touch many people, professional and gifted in their own right. She led us all to the spirit we commonly share, and showed us how to express it. She taught me many things and I find myself still unpacking some of it every day.  I love and miss her, bless her soul.  Rest in Peace my friend.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reconciling the Problem of Evil

 There is a wide variety of opinion on the existence of evil. Some see any opposing force as evil, while others think that to be termed evil requires an act resulting in an injury to life of some kind. What are your thoughts? How does your belief about evil affect your life?

I think that "evil" is much like fear. Overcoming fear doesn't mean that I will never experience it again in my life. It means that I understand it differently and process it differently than I once did. Overcoming evil is much the same. Once we understand that evil is a value judgment of negativity in our world, and that judgments assigning positive and negative value are a function of mind, but we are much more than our minds, we can transcend our dualistic mental constructs. When seen at this viewpoint, the world is in balance; what we value as good and evil can be seen differently, as aspects of the same experience.

We sometimes take identity in holding ourselves separate from others as we judge and value the differences. Not good or bad, it is something we humans do as we identify ourselves. This is a function of our ego, which is limited to duality because it creates our identity separate from the world. Here, good and sometimes evil is established as we explore the "I am not" of I AM. This exploration is important to raising consciousness and expanding awareness.

Who we are and what is possible is reflected to us in the moment. We can live these moments in a separate string, or in the eternal moment or both - the one and the many. But however we choose to live these moments, they are a reflection that invites us into spirit and the possibility of more, all ways.
All material copyrighted 2010: All About Living, Molly Brogan
 Artwork by Val Jean.   Many thanks.