Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Dwell In Possiblity During Deconstruction

Sometimes, when things seem to be falling apart in our lives, it is happening to allow us to move on in ways that we would not otherwise, because we would hold on to what we have now.  Our will is to keep something the same, divine will is to allow change.  What we don’t see is that the change is wonderful and so we get wrapped up in the bad feeling that things are falling apart.  Resist not!  It isn’t easy to enjoy deconstruction.  But when it starts happening to me, I have begun to notice it now, and I can have faith that something wonderful is about to occur in my life.
Deconstruction is a difficult process for all of us.  As we create, we are reaching within to experience God and feel our oneness with God and all his glory.  As we deconstruct, we are bringing the energy of God back to the world, and making room for divine will in our experience (the deconstruction.)  When we have fully embraced both processes, creation and deconstruction occur simultaneously. As we reach within and connect to all creation, we express creation as divine will makes it “more” than ever before, adding the possibility that is ours in the moment.  This is the crux of coherent integration. There is joy in feeling the connection and honoring the individuation.
All material copyrighted 2010: All About Living, Molly Brogan
 Artwork by Andy Kehoe.   Many thanks.