Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forsaking All Others Brings Us to Unity

Most of us feel that there is a source or creator or God or ultimate order to life.  Connecting to this for some of us, is fleeting, takes effort and may even be something we think very little about.  How do YOU connect with the spirit within you?  How often do you connect?  How does this connection effect your life?
Do we have to have a God?  I believe God is.  God is within us all. Not all of us recognize or understand that it is this God within us that creates our experience according to our own filters of belief and viewpoint.  Our experience is created whether we recognize this aspect of it or not.  I believe that the quality of our experience improves with peace, harmony and love, if we do.  Does this mean that folks who don't believe in God are doomed or suffer more or are wrong?  No.  It simply means that some of us believe in God and some don't.  I believe that everyone is living to express who they are and moving into their potentiality that will be included in their expression.  This is change.  I can feel the harmony and completion of the entirety.
We all live a different experience.  Our relationship to our experience creates it.  This includes our relationship to ourselves, others, God, the earth etc.  That is the many.  There is that part of life where we are all one.  Some say this is the God within us or Christ consciousness.  Paradoxically, the oneness doesn't negate our individuality, it empowers it. 
My viewpoint is that nothing is external to God, and God is not external to me.  God is an essential part of who I am.  God is I AM in me.  The paradox is that I am both differentiated (individual), and undifferentiated (God).  I am God (Father), myself (Son), and my experience (Holy Spirit), expressed in states and stages and dimensions of consciousness.
All material copyrighted 2010: excerpt, All About Living, Molly Brogan
 Artwork by Ron Isom.  Many thanks.