Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Excerpt From the Upcoming Novel Shadow Dancing

Next to me, a boat appears, small but seaworthy.  Stepping into it, I feel my spirit torn asunder.  Like an infinite mirror, I become the deeds of every man, and feel all matter of the earth move through me.  I feel the pulse of my being, involution drawing in, evolution giving out, my worldly conditions alternating between the two activities.  My mind reaches out into form, my heart reaches in to love, and both have limits.  And within these endless limits shines the blaze of eternity that lays my soul to rest.  I reach my hand out and touch the guardian, and in the touch, I am immediately humbled.  All feeling is drained from me.  All thought is gone.  I become the divine vessel, empty and ready.
I close my eyes now, and by releasing the gaze of this guardian, feel it unite with the lesser guardian before it.  In the unity comes the knowing that I am connected to every one, the many are one in all that I am. Everyone is redeemed, and in the redemption is harmony.  My love involves all others, who receive my spirit of love and evolve toward the future.
My eyes open and I am dropped back in time.  Lifting my hand to rub my eyes, I look around my hotel room and wonder where I am.  I notice the clock by the bed reads 2:00 PM, and fall back to sleep after feeling my entire body moan.
Excerpted from Shadow Dancing, a novel by Molly Brogan
Copyright invoked, 2011
Artwork by Jules.  Many thanks. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Exquisite Mystery of Lifelong Friendship

Halfway through my first day of high school, at the tender age of 14, frightened and overwhelmed by my own small feelings, I was ripped away from them when a slender hand slipped a note onto my desk during English class.  I looked up to see a beautiful stranger attached to the hand.  The note said, "I like your laugh."
From that day forward, the presence of Vivian George in my life continues to uplift and inspire me.  Even when she is away, in my heart, she is my confidante, and I speak to her often.  With the spirit of her presence in my life, when we are able to get together, as we have not lived in the same state for almost four decades, it is like we never left each others' side.  We immediately pick up where we left off and each leave the encounter re-energized and inspired. 
There is a mystery here about spiritual intimacy that cannot be denied.  We have allowed it since our paths combined.  Over the years, we cultivate it, appreciate it, marvel at it.  There are times we include it in our life’s work.  She makes an appearance in my first novel, Remember Me as the recipient of the main character's letters, acting as a mirror character.  Her wedding gift to me, a painting, is now included on her website:
Someday, I hope to include myself in her Tuscany Workshop, but unfortunately, not this year.  Here are the details for anyone interested.  Believe me, you will be transformed:
The Inspiration of Art
A Painting Workshop In Tuscany with Vivian George MFA
Dates: May 21 - 31, 2011
Colorado artist Vivian George finds her inspiration in nature. "Nature has all the components that are in painting - rhythm, color and harmony. Individually and together plant forms show energy and light, texture and pattern, repetition and color; and when confined to the flat, square format, their geometry is revealed," she explains. In this workshop, Vivian works with each participant individually to find his or her vision. The colors of the late afternoon sun on the olive grove, the repeating patterns of a hillside vineyard or the symmetry of a narrow drive bordered by native cypress . . . each person's view is different and leads to a unique interpretation.
Artwork by Vivian George.   Many thanks.