Saturday, August 25, 2007

Discussion of PD's comment on Rudolph Steiner

PD said...
Hi Molly. I see by your company webpage that you, like me, are a student of Rudolph Steiner. Do you use the ideas of Anthroposophy in your books?

Dear pd,
It is always great to meet someone who has an understanding of the Steiner teachings. They certainly can take a lifetime to study. As a matter of fact, I incorporate these ideas into my writing in a number of ways. The most obvious, is my creation of each anti-hero in my novels. Each is based on the characteristics of what Steiner would call the "opposing forces."

In Remember Me, the anti-hero, Bob, is motivated by his own primevil nature. His tempestuous personality driven by his darkest emotions create the opposing force most like Steiner's Luciferian forces. If the Mary Margaret character was better able to look inward for the answers to her problems, she would be better able to reconcile the conflict in her experience.

In Chasing Twilight, the anti-hero, Jake, is motivated by finances and technology. Even his Scientology beliefs are based in self will and control. In this, he represents Steiner's Ahrimanic forces. By embracing and releasing this relationship in grace, Molly can fully own her soul, release her karmic debt, and move into a direct relationship with spirit.

This is not easy to understand unless one has studied Steiner. I would love to discuss this with you further and invite you to email me directly. I know some other Steiner students in LA, Las Vegas and Switzerland who dialogue with me on Steiner. We would all enjoy your input.

Best Regards,
Molly Brogan


Patti said...

I ordered the books because I have read some of the Steiner teachings. I'm curious, Steiner mentions three oppositional forces. You have not mentioned the third, the Asuras. Why not?

Molly Brogan said...

The Asuras concept is really an advanced Steiner teaching, Patti. I have not had many associates to discuss this with and would be glad to find more! Steiner really did not write much about his notion of the Asuras. I, myself, needed to enlist the assistance of the Rudolph Steiner Library in New York to research it. It may be because at the time that Steiner was writing, humanity had just begun leaving the age of Ahriman and entering the age of Asuras. His perception of this force was, therefore, primarily intuitive. Basically, the Asuras is a combination of the oppositional forces of Lucifer and Ahriman, combining the internal and external, natural and technological. As the soul of humanity expresses itself, Lucifer, Ahriman and then Asuras constitute the oppositional force that provide the Christ energy with the polarity needed to create the world as we know it. As we are now entering the age of Asuras, as Steiner saw it, it will be a challenge for me to create an anti-hero in the third book of my trilogy based on this aspect. But the anti-hero in a book is what allows the hero to move through the plot, just as our own shadow aspect allows us to grow and become in our own lives. This is why the Asuras symbol fits so well in the book, Shadow Dancing. I am eternally grateful to Steiner for providing such a wonderful symbolic foundation for my books. It seems to be a perfect fit. Thanks for asking, Molly