Sunday, September 30, 2007

Discussion of Gregg Braden's Seven Mirrors and divine will

Ken said...
I like Gregg Braden's formula that thought and feeling creates prayer (not reality.) Your idea doesn't seem to leave room for God's will.

Hi Ken,
I liked your post so much. I thought it could stand alone as a new discussion. You're right, of course. Divine Will is the integral aspect to our human experience. Most religions recognize a power greater than us. Consider, for a moment, the God in us as the source of all creation. Then we would create our reality not by what we DO, but by what we recognize, respect or allow as divine will moves through us. Divine will is the God in us in motion.
If we can position ourselves to live life like this, another of Gregg Braden's presentations comes into play: The Seven Mirrors in the Essene Mystery of Relationship. These mirrors are:
1)who we are in the moment;
2)What we judge in the moment;
3)what has been lost, given away or taken away;
4)our most forgotten love;
5)our relationship with God;
6)our dark night of the soul;
7)our perfection.
According to this belief, our experience becomes a vibrational mirror that reflects one or some combination of mirrored patterns in others. Recognizing the wisdom of the mirror accelerates our evolution of emotion and understanding. God speaks to us and guides us through the universal law of vibration and our experience unfolds according to divine will.
Many thanks for your post. Molly Brogan


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

us pushed out. what is that?

Molly Brogan said...

"us pushed out" is a term from Neville Goddard that relates to the concept of the 7 mirrors. Like the notion of reality as a mirror, Neville believes that the "events which you observe are determined by the concept you have of yourself. If you change your concept of yourself, the events ahead of you in time are altered, but, thus altered, they form again a deterministic sequence starting from the moment of this changed concept. You are a being with powers of intervention, which enable you, by a change of consciousness, to alter the course of observed events - in fact, change your future." Thus, everything we encounter is "us pushed out," and so, sacred. I like this notion because it allows the belief that by changing ourselves, we change the world. The process is limitless, with always more to become. Thanks for your post, Molly.

stanaxe said...

I still like to believe God is in control

Molly Brogan said...

Yes, yes! Divine Will rules the day. God, by grace, shows us his will and our selves each day in the mirror, if "we have the wisdom to see it." Ours is to recognize, respect and allow. If we can truly align our self will with divine will, we can see the sacred nature in all things and events, nurture all life, and feel our gratitude in everything. The more we can do this, which is what Neville means by "changing the concept of ourselves," the more the mirror will then reflect back to us our own highest potential. Thanks for your post, stanaxe. Molly

Linda said...

Is this part of one of your books?

Molly Brogan said...

This discussion is a spin off from the discussion on Neville Goddard's "awakened imagination" from my book of poems, "A Blaze of Light." However, the concept of the 7 mirrors is used as part of the plot in the third novel of my trilogy, "Shadow Dancing." This book has not been published yet, but is in the works. Stay tuned.