Saturday, August 2, 2008

General Comments

Welcome to the blog created for readers of Molly Brogan books. All are welcome to post comments and all insights are appreciated. If you have a general comment or a question about a Molly Brogan book that does not relate to any of the posts below, post your comment here. Thanks for stopping by, your time and consideration are most appreciated. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to participate in your book club discussion of a Molly Brogan book.


Jack said...

Nice blog. Much to consider. Thanx.

love-Ely said...

Nice blog. i'm independent writer. There's true story about the other side of women life reality. i invite you to share your view with others.


Kim said...

I finished Chasing Twilight! Whew. I have lots of comments and questions but need to think about it some more. To begin with, I wonder, was it hard to write such a big novel in the format of letters between two characters? Developing the story in the things that two people say to each other can't be easy, but I will say it worked here.

Jim said...

I was surprised to find that your poem, We Share Together, was not included in A Blaze of Light. I saw it here on the blog and am wondering if it is another of your books.