Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Molly Brogan Books in Development and Soon to Be Released

Anonymous Janie said...

Are you going to publish more poetry? I've read A Blaze of Light several times and enjoy the spirituality. I wonder if they are primarily love poems because they were from your novels. Do you have poetry that is not simply love poems? Will you publish more?

Thanks for the questions and the interest, Janie. You are right about A Blaze of Light, the poems are from my trilogy that portrays the love and loss experienced in the life journey of the central character. It is the first book of poems that I have published, and although I have a file drawer of poetry written over the years, I have no immediate plans to develop my next book of poetry. I am currently writing the third novel in my trilogy, Shadow Dancing, and some of the poetry from this unfinished novel is included in A Blaze of Light. I am also, after much encouragement from my associates, writing a book about living life as I see it: All About Living. This book is not fiction, but is my first non fiction sojourn, and presents my view into the depth of my spirit. The material is taken from intimate conversations with folks all over the globe concerning explorations of consciousness. Both new books should be available sometime next year. After that, another book of poems is ultimately possible. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Molly Brogan

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reinventor said...

Big Kiss Mary! You make my life Brighter with your light!