Monday, May 11, 2009

We Share Together

DeleteJim said..
I was surprised to find that your poem, We Share Together, was not included in A Blaze of Light. I saw it here on the blog and am wondering if it is another of your books.
Thanks for asking, Jim. This poem is not included any of my published books. It may be included in my next book of poems, now that I know you like it.

I have posted it again here for your enjoyment. I try to change the poems on this blog from time to time to freshen the landscape. I will be glad to discuss the poem further here or elsewhere, if you are so inclined. Molly Brogan


Jim said...

The world around us

Continues to spin

As it always will.

It comes together

And falls apart

In reflective waves

----this was the part that struck me as quintessential Molly. magnetic inspiration, collapse, the recognition of reflection. Thanks for posting it again. Sincerely, Jim

Anonymous said...

A beautiful expression of love as emanation.