Thursday, June 23, 2016

Age of Ethics

extending us at once internally and externally, technology ushers us into the age of ethics
The transition into the age of ethics has just begun and will take decades to emerge.  It will be, I think, a fascinating transition.  Our notions of trust will, out of necessity, become central and evolve.   The transition from the information age to the age of ethics is a dynamic dialectic.  Trusting ourselves to know that despite our fallibilities and mistakes, we will persevere and grow is essential.
Just as the personal computer ushered us into the age of information, the personal communication device will usher us into the age of ethics.  With communications technology developing at an accelerated rate, there is little happening in the world that can be hidden anymore.  Sure there are areas of the world that are underdeveloped, without technology and operating at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy.  Yet, as this is the age of global experience, they will be carried along.  Could this be part of life’s grand design as well?  Can we trust that it is?
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Artwork by Ron Isom, The Oracle of Gadfly.  Many thanks.

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