Friday, March 17, 2017

Remembering Dr. Peggy Zellner

I had my birthday this year at MIX in Las Vegas, remembering all of the other birthdays in Las Vegas and my friends there.  Among them, was my good friend, Dr. Peggy Zellner, who passed away unexpectedly on my birthday some time ago.  Peggy was an intuitive Naturopath who was very gifted and had a large practice in the valley.  She was also a genius of spirit, and able to speak fluently, the language of the unseen.  Over the years that I spent in Las Vegas, I watched her touch many people, professional and gifted in their own right. She led us all to the spirit we commonly share, and showed us how to express it. She taught me many things and I find myself still unpacking some of it every day.  I love and miss her, bless her soul.  Rest in Peace my friend.


Campbell Jane said...

This is a sweet tribute to your dear friend. I'm sorry for your loss and the little sting you must feel on your special day.

Molly Brogan said...

Thanks so much, coming from one of my favorite blogging artists, your warm wishes mean a great deal.