Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Glimpse at My Upcoming "Early Poems"

If Love Is
If love is, then,
A meeting
And a meaning,
Just one meaning,
One shared meaning,
Then listen gently
To the sound
Of its tender sigh,
Its soothing,
Wind sung note.

Do not look for words,
But the low
Plaintful moan
Of lovers’
Sweet release.

Drink it as I do
With no thought
Or after.

Nip the cool
Of hushed
Wet gasps
That echo
When lips meet
And mean
The warmth,
The oneness,
The fusion.

Excerpt from unpublished Early Poems
Artwork by Moira Marshall.  Many thanks. 


livintheblues said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that... :)

Karen said...

When will your early poems be published?

Molly Brogan said...

Early next year, Karen. Thanks for asking!

FunkyFolky said...

Wow, your poem is so beautiful. You definitely have a gift :)