Thursday, November 2, 2017

An Excerpt From the Upcoming Novel Shadow Dancing

Next to me, a boat appears, small but seaworthy.  Stepping into it, I feel my spirit torn asunder.  Like an infinite mirror, I become the deeds of every man, and feel all matter of the earth move through me.  I feel the pulse of my being, involution drawing in, evolution giving out, my worldly conditions alternating between the two activities.  My mind reaches out into form, my heart reaches in to love, and both have limits.  And within these endless limits shines the blaze of eternity that lays my soul to rest.  I reach my hand out and touch the guardian, and in the touch, I am immediately humbled.  All feeling is drained from me.  All thought is gone.  I become the divine vessel, empty and ready.
I close my eyes now, and by releasing the gaze of this guardian, feel it unite with the lesser guardian before it.  In the unity comes the knowing that I am connected to every one, the many are one in all that I am. Everyone is redeemed, and in the redemption is harmony.  My love involves all others, who receive my spirit of love and evolve toward the future.
My eyes open and I am dropped back in time.  Lifting my hand to rub my eyes, I look around my hotel room and wonder where I am.  I notice the clock by the bed reads 2:00 PM, and fall back to sleep after feeling my entire body moan.
Excerpted from Shadow Dancing, a novel by Molly Brogan
Copyright invoked, 2011
Artwork by Jules.  Many thanks. 


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