Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Imagination is THE Key

Our imagination is our biggest asset and tool for creating our lives and daily experience.  If we limit our imagination, we limit our lives.  Although our imaginations are unlimited, there are different stages of imagination, from the more mechanical memory and fantasy, to the more creative awakened imagination.  All play an integral part in our lives, but the awakened imagination really holds the key to our quality of life.  We use it when we are experiencing vivid dreaming or creative dreaming.  It ramps up the quality and functionality of our dreams.  We use it when we are in the witness, seeing ourselves doing, thinking, feeling and living.  We use it when we are praying, unifying the one and the many within us.  We use it when we move our subtle energies through our chakras in meditation.  In other words, when we step out of our mechanical functions and move into our creative functions, we do so by using our awakened imagination.

I reached a point in my life where I understood unity consciousness, meaning that I am connected to everything in life, and everything in my experience is of me. After this, I developed a greater awareness of my role in creating this experience, and what it reflects to me in each moment.  Imagination is the key to this creative process.  As feelings arise that tell me I am limited or separate from everything and everyone, I have learned to habitually evoke my awakened imagination to create feelings like joy or rapture.  These feelings allow me to realize that I am part of the infinite wonders of creation and completely connected.  If I find myself with negative thoughts about another, I can recognize them and then evoke my awakened imagination, to think of something wonderful for myself and another.  Using this tool of imagination to corral thoughts and feelings allows me to create an internal environment according to my highest potential by maintaining a resonance of creative good, thus bringing what is good into my experience.
Exercising my awakened imagination has become a daily routine for me.  I think that the most efficacious times are right before sleep and upon waking.  Before sleep, if I can imagine the qualities and experiences that I desire in my life with awakened imagination, the quality of my sleep and dreaming is dramatically improved.  I engage more in vivid and creative dreaming and feel better rested during the day.  I truly believe that in this way, what I imagine my life to be, will become my experience.
 Excerpted from All About Living by Molly Brogan


Liza Perez said...

to imagine that whatever we are connected are giving us some peculiar kind of experience is a great thing. Its a great feeling reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

"Everything to be imagined is an image of truth."
— William Blake