Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fulfilling the prayer for love

Catherine said...
I will read that part of the book over again, but it sounds like you are talking about getting in touch with an archtype of love, by creating a prayer for love. I wonder if connecting like this with ourselves doesn't "attract" others with those qualities into our lives. Just thinking out loud...


Your comment encompasses so much more than a section of my book, I thought I would begin another post. By thinking out loud, you bring up the concept of how we create our lives. I have more of a “feeling” for this than a theory that I can articulate. So much has been written about this, including portions of the bible. I am currently reading Thomas Troward, 19th Century mystic, who does a pretty good job of giving us an outline of the process as he sees it, without becoming terribly “religious.”

He begins with the concept of Alpha and Omega – the entire series of causation from the first originating movement to the final and completed result. Everything has its origin in an idea, a thought, and it has its completion in the manifestation of that thought in form. Many intermediate stages are necessary, but the Alpha and Omega of the series are the thought and the thing. This shows us that in essence the thing already existed in the thought. Omega is already potential in Alpha.

Like Greg Braden, Troward thinks that it takes thought and feeling to create prayer. He says thought creates form but it is feeling that gives vitality to thought. “It is this indissoluble union of Thought and Feeling that distinguishes creative thought from merely analytical thought and places it in a different category… it is that entering into the Mind of the Spirit.”

This leads us to the idea of the prayer including archetypes: “Now the images in the Mind of the Spirit must necessarily be GENERIC. The reason for this is that by its very nature the Principle of Life must be prolific, that is, tending to Multiplicity, and therefore the original Thought-image must be fundamental to whole races, just what Plato meant by archetypal ideas. This is the perfect subsistence of the thing in the thought.”

Troward on the relation of the prayer to the manifestation: “This specialization can only take place through the individual himself, it logically follows that the Life, which he thus specializes, become his own life. This self recognition through the individual cannot in any way change the inherent nature of the Creative Sprit, and therefore to the extent to which the individual perceives its identification with himself, he places himself under its guidance, and so he becomes one of those who are 'led by Spirit'. Thus he begins to find the alpha and omega of the Divine ideal reproduced in himself, in a very small degree at present, but containing the principle of perpetual growth into an infinite expansion of which we can as yet form no conception.”

There is so much trendy information today about the Law of Attraction and how it can get us what we want in life. I think much of this info misses the point that Troward hits right here, and that is, that the will that makes manifest is Divine Will. Our self will must be in agreement. Unless our prayers connect with the archetypical ideas, and our egos detach from the “things” coming into manifestation, how can our prayers be fulfilled? This is the crux of “Thy will be done.” We direct our thoughts and feelings to the universal, or archetypical, place ourselves in the flow of infinite expansion, and have faith that what will come from it, will be just what we need, to allow us to be led by spirit on our beautiful journey.

Thanks for the conversation. Molly Brogan


Catherine said...

I think I know what you mean. It's like, unless we connect with God in some way during the prayer, what we are praying for is just wishful thinking.

Molly Brogan said...

Yes - energetically - our thought is formed in the higher chakras, feeling in the lower chakras, and they are combined in the heart and connected to all that is with the possibility that is you and your creation. So splendid. Molly Brogan

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Molly,

It's still all summed up very nicely in "Don't worry; be happy." but I can make use of either way. ;-)

Here, you might find the following deliciously irreverent:

The Secret of All Secrets


Molly said...

A night in San Francisco of Mark Day comedy is the secret! Thanks Sam.

Pat said...

I'm still fuzzy on how to manifest in agreement with "Divine Will."

Molly Brogan said...

Troward has a bit that I won't quote directly but give you the gist. If your desire is to possess, it will not be fulfilled. If your desire is to become, it will be fulfilled in accordance with divine will. This means it is not always when and how we expect what we desire, but it will arrive, and be in harmony with our highest potential.

The trick here, and I think this is where much of the trendy "Law of Attraction" material misses the mark, is to let go of the need to possess or accrue possession, whether people or things. When we desire to become according to our highest potential, everything we need and more will come our way.