Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wishing a joyful 2008 to my readers and supporters

Dear Readers,

As we begin the New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased my books, followed my blogs and joined in discussions. The conversations have been rich, and I have been greatly illuminated by them. I feel as if 2007 launched a new beginning for me, as I published four books and moved across the country to start again, with a sharper focus on my writing and relationship with my readers. I would like to especially thank my beloved husband Jerry, whose continued support inspires me to take flight with my own company, and discover new ways to express the vision we share.

As I wrote a book about a relationship that develops through the written word and across a distance, it never occurred to me that I would eventually get to know hundreds of people from all over the world in just this way, by sharing ideas on my blogs and web pages. I have been blessed to have the ability to connect with humanity this way.

I am elated daily, as I read your comments and participate in conversations about life and living. Please feel free to continue to post or email me with your questions and ideas as they arise. The computer translation tools aren’t perfect, but they do allow us to understand and encourage each other. With one click, my blog is translated and readers all over the world are included in the dialogues. What a miraculous world we live in, and I am infinitely grateful to share it with all of you.

Best wishes for everyone in 2008. I look forward to your words.

Much love,

Molly Brogan


Catherine said...

Hi Molly,

I read your book "Chasing Twilight" over the holidays and found myself reading the prayer for love over and over again. Where did this idea come from? What do you think of prayer and how do you think it works?

Molly Brogan said...

Hi Catherine,

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this. The prayer for love came from the idea that love must be invited into your heart with a clear and concise idea of what love means to you. So many form a list in our mind of what we don't want love to be instead of the other way around. Many would say that this invites what we don't want into our lives over and over. Taking the time to write a prayer for love allows us to examine the way that we love others, which is usually the way we want to be loved. I think that if we are clear on this, it is easier to recognize it in others. The process of the "prayer" is a heart opening process. It's a declaration - "here I AM! Come and get me..." Try it and see. Molly Brogan

Catherine said...

I will read that part of the book over again, but it sounds like you are talking about getting in touch with an archtype of love, by creating a prayer for love. I wonder if connecting like this with ourselves doesn't "attract" others with those qualities into our lives. Just thinking out loud...