Thursday, December 10, 2009

All About Living Serial Posts

After receiving several emails from readers asking about the publication of my next book and its contents, I surrendered to the idea of posting excerpts from it on this blog.  Over the next few months I will post the occasional snippet from All About Living, as this format does not allow whole chapters.  The book itself will be available for purchase around the beginning of the year. This makes it easy for me to post here more often and inspire conversation about my books!  I would like to encourage readers to comment on these bits, and also to continue to pose questions to me that pertain to my work, specifically or on the whole.  I appreciated each contribution and conversation, from the book club conferences and book signings to the blog posts and blog network discussions.  To live a life that provides the technological extensions of self that allow me communion with my readers all over the globe, I am fortunate indeed.   I look forward to more in the upcoming year!                                                                              Artwork: Biomorphic dance by Ron Isom   Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my drawing for this very thoughtful post. Like you, I am fortunate to have an outlet that provides me with a “technological extension of self". Your words always seem to hit the right note. Have a great Holiday season!

Linda said...

I'm still waiting - where's the new book?

Molly Brogan said...

Good question, Linda, thanks! The book has been released for publication and can be purchased from the publisher here:

Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Borders and other booksellers will have it available in a month or so. In the meantime, I will post excerpts on this blog for comment.

Let me know what you think!